The First


The First

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This was my first light trails shot. There's a first time for everything, right? Even though this is my first light trails shot, I really didn't want to post it, but I just sensed God prompting me to which lead me to recognize all the "firsts" that I've done with God in the past year or so like going to the Middle East, and doing different things with photography like long exposures, rainbows, and light trails now. God is always up to something new and it's our choice whether we want to jump in or not. 

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Framed 11x14 $85.00 This framed 11x14 is signed and is printed on a Matte board with borders and is in a black 16x20 wooden exhibition frame. 1 in stock.

Matted 8x10 $30.00 This 8x10 print is printed on a smoothe non-glossy matte paper and is matted and ready to go in an 11x14 frame. 4 in stock.

Unmatted 8x10 $20.00 This unmatted 8x10 is printed on matte board without borders and is ready to either be framed or matted and framed. 3 in stock.

5x7 $10.00 These 5x7s are printed on normal glossy paper and are ready to be framed or matted and framed. 4 in stock.

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